How to eat caviar like a professional | Caviar Skazka

How to eat caviar like a professional | Caviar Skazka

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How to eat caviar like a professional 

How to eat caviar like a professional? There is no definCite correct way to eat caviar, but it is worth paying attention to some points: what to eat with caviar, how to serve caviar correctly, how to serve it.

Let's deal with each of these points separately. What to eat with caviar? Often people think that caviar can only be eaten as an independent dish, but this is not always so! Caviar is used in a variety of recipes, and you will not regret preparing such delicious meals.

Usually, caviar is eaten in small portions, savoring its delicate, taste and texture. It is not even considered very elegant to eat a lot of it at once. Caviar is a valuable delicacy and you need to learn to appreciate it, so it's best to start with small portions.

When tasting caviar, the right thing to do is to smell it first and then taste it. It is not entirely correct to chew it, it is better to imagine that caviar is a good wine, and also recognize its taste. And between tasting different types of caviar, it is better to refresh the receptors with vodka or champagne, so you can feel and appreciate each type of caviar.

What can you eat with caviar?

Caviar can be enjoyed by trying many different types of snacks. A traditional and popular dish - pancakes with caviar, which spread all over the world from Russia, is a simple and tasty appetizer.

A salted or plain cracker is also great for tasting caviar. Fresh bread, toast, baguette, pita bread, and even chips and potatoes can be used to complement your tasting. Dairy products will also perfectly complement the taste of caviar - take the sour cream, cream cheese, or butter, put caviar on top, and garnish the dish with pieces of boiled egg or onions. In general, the main recipe here is - don't be afraid to experiment, caviar tastes delicious with anything!

And what to drink with caviar? Traditionally, caviar is consumed with vodka, according to an old Russian tradition, and since caviar is a delicacy associated with luxury, another traditional combination is caviar and champagne. You can also try a combination of caviar and light beer.

All these are the most traditional additions to caviar but do not limit yourself to this, because there are a great many recipes with caviar and these dishes will surprise you!

How to serve caviar?

Of course, caviar can be consumed in different ways, experimenting, added to different dishes. But still, for better disclosure of taste, it is better to follow certain rules of serving, conditions, and tools.

To maximize the taste of caviar, follow the rules that we have specially collected for you here.

Caviar serving temperature

It is best to store caviar at temperatures between 26 and 34 ℉. Do not open the caviar until the very moment of consumption, the packaging must be airtight and stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator for the best taste because heat and air are the biggest threats to the taste of caviar.

To preserve freshness, caviar is sometimes served in a special dish with additional ice trays. Until the ice melts, the caviar will remain fresh and tasty, and if the caviar is heated, it becomes softer and sharper, which sometimes pleases some people, but in general, does not have a very good effect on the taste of the caviar.

If the ice has already melted, then it is better to cover the caviar with foil and put it back in the refrigerator if it has not been eaten all over. It is best to consume unpacked caviar within 3 days.

How much caviar should I serve?

This is not an easy question, as the answer depends on several facts: how much do your guests love caviar? How do you plan to serve caviar - as a separate dish or cooked according to a specific recipe? If you are making a recipe, use as much as needed by the procedure. If you are serving pure caviar, then there is a recommendation to count on 1 ounce per guest.

Caviar serving ideas

If you are serving caviar as it is, of course, you will want to highlight this dish on the table. Good caviar should not be mixed with other foods in a dish. Other types, on the contrary, are best used with products that have a strong taste - onions, garlic, lemon, eggs. Good caviar can be served with cream cheese, butter. This will not spoil, but on the contrary, will complement the taste of good caviar. But you can always enjoy the pure caviar taste by eating it with a spoon.

Make sure the caviar is in order before serving. Check the tightness of the package, the temperature, taste the caviar, smell it for an unpleasant musty smell. It is not very good to use the same spoon if you are using pure caviar: then you must use a clean appliance every time.

Caviar serving sets

If you often serve caviar to guests, then it is best to get a special dish for caviar, a serving plate. The caviar spoon is special, it is made of porcelain, glass, bone, mother-of-pearl, they can be used to scoop up caviar and put it back. Such a device will not only not spoil the taste of caviar, but will also look unusual and delight guests. A bad caviar spoon will negatively affect its taste because caviar is very odor-absorbing. It is highly undesirable to use metal or wooden cutlery. Caviar is a precious product, so keep track of which dishes you use - all of them should be made of a material that won't spoil the taste. So don't hesitate, buy yourself a special caviar serving set!

With our tips, the taste of caviar will be excellent and your guests will be very happy!

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