"Russian Czar" Beluga Sturgeon Caviar

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With an incomparable richness, “Russian Czar” Beluga Sturgeon Caviar is a knockout when it comes to fine caviar. Traditionally harvested in Russia, this caviar holds a tradition of greatness throughout history. With buttery notes that linger on the taste buds, this hybrid brings pure joy to those lucky enough to sample it. Unparalleled creaminess delights the senses with every bite, and a peppery finish adds a special kick. “Russian Czar” Beluga Hybrid Sturgeon Caviar is perfect for entertaining or a quiet night in with a loved one. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual eater of roe, this high quality product won’t disappoint you. Examined meticulously for the utmost quality, you can rest assured that “Russian Czar” Beluga Hybrid Sturgeon is just the delicacy you’re looking for.

Flavor Profile: Creamy, complex, botanical
Egg Color: Grey, Dark Amber
Common Names: Starry Sturgeon, Sevruga, Stellate
Scientific Name: Acipenser Stellatus
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Product Grade: Royal, Dark
Sustainability: Sustainable, Farm Raised
Skazka Caviar Name: "Russian Czar" Beluga Hybrid Sturgeon Caviar

Each tin of caviar is packed by hand and shipped via FedEx in an ice cooler to preserve freshness and texture upon delivery. We offer free overnight shipping on all orders.  

Unopened: The shelf life of a vacuum sealed can is approximately 3-4 weeks refrigerated.

Opened: Caviar should be consumed within a few days of opening. 

Freezing: Caviar can be frozen to extend the shelf life to about a year. However, the caviar will have a slightly softer texture.

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