Caviar Sampler (2oz Kaluga + 2oz Siberian + 4oz Salmon)

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Enjoy a sampler of our 3 most popular caviars. Kaluga sturgeon + Siberian Sturgeon + Salmon.

Considering the extensive selection of Skazka caviars, it may be difficult to decide which one to buy! So, we created a delectable sampler to allow customers to taste three of our most popular caviars with a single purchase. Enjoy the robust flavors of our Kaluga Sturgeon to see why it’s a consistent favorite of caviar connoisseurs. Next, taste our classic Siberian “Traditional Russian” caviar, known for its nutty, smooth flavor that’s guaranteed to arouse your senses. And last but not least, we’re sure you’re going to love our Salmon caviar offering. Extremely popular with caviar connoisseurs and sushi enthusiasts alikethe bursting flavors invoke the euphoria of sitting by the ocean while enjoying the finest delights of the sea.


Each tin of caviar is packed by hand and shipped via FedEx in an ice cooler to preserve freshness and texture upon delivery. We offer free overnight shipping on all orders.  

Unopened: The shelf life of a vacuum sealed can is approximately 3-4 weeks refrigerated.

Opened: Caviar should be consumed within a few days of opening. 

Freezing: Caviar can be frozen to extend the shelf life to about a year. However, the caviar will have a slightly softer texture.

Testimonials from our customers

Caviar Skazka “River Beluga” Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar


We’re committed to delivering the finest quality caviar by combining advanced technology with our lifelong passion and respect for the ancient traditions of this delectable culinary wonder.


Our purveyors handle caviar with the utmost care throughout its journey to guarantee superior quality, unmatched freshness, a heavenly taste, and perfection in every bite.

Caviar Skazka Blinis & Creme Fraiche


Our passion for sustainability and ecological responsibility ensures an exceptional taste plus an incredible range of health benefits derived from the robust combination of vitamins and minerals found in caviar.