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    How Much Caviar Per Person To Serve: The Perfect Guide

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    5 minute read

    How much caviar to serve

    How Much Caviar to Serve: All You Need To Know Before Throwing a Caviar Party.

    Are you throwing a caviar party and wondering how much caviar to serve? Well if you are then you should do your calculations correctly so that everything goes smoothly with the caviar tasting. You’ll need to balance the majestic menu with adequate caviar serving sizes. Because impressing your guests with a splendid caviar party is a top priority.

    The thought of such a marvelous caviar party may appear a difficult and stressful task. But don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered with all the caviar procurement and serving tips.

    Traditional Caviar Serving Sizes

    Hosting a caviar party and wondering how much caviar to serve is compulsory. Because a small amount of caviar will kill the vibe of the feast. Having too much caviar can be a heavy load on your pocket. Here are some points of emphasis to make your caviar party a success.

    A Precise Estimate

    How much caviar to order depends upon how extravagant you want caviar to be on your menu. It also depends on your pocket and the type of event you’re holding. If you want to have a full luxurious caviar focused party, you should source caviar in abundance so that each guest can enjoy two to three ounces.

    If your menu is full of other food and snack options, you should buy enough for each guest to relish one ounce of caviar. Keep in mind not all people like the taste of caviar and others can’t have it (pregnant ladies, vegetarian folks, etc.). Have some alternative snacks to cater to these guests.

    Number Of Guests & How Much Caviar To Buy

    After finalizing the dishes on the menu & the amount or guests, you know exactly how much caviar you need to order. It's better to buy some extra caviar than the calculated amount to avoid any unpleasant situations.

    For example, if you’re inviting six people to your party and you’ve decided on a quantity of 1 ounce per guest then you should buy 8 ounces of caviar. At Skazka Caviar roe comes in different sizes of jars and tins (2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz). The right sizes of jars and combinations depends upon the numbers of guests you are having at your party.

    How Many Types of Caviar to Serve

    Ordering different types of caviar to stimulate different taste buds of your guests is a splendid idea. This will bring versatility to your caviar party and your guests are surely going to love the diversity. Just be cautious with one thing — order a sufficient amount of caviar. Explore our exclusive caviar collection


    You don’t want a party where some of your guests don’t get an inadequate caviar experience. Here are some pro-tips to ensure that every person has the right serving size:

    Explain Caviar Protocol

    There is a good chance that your guests might not be aware of the etiquettes and protocols of having a royal meal like caviar. So, take no shame in educating them with the right techniques of scooping and having the ideal bite.

    Make sure that the proper caviar accessories are available at your party. If you can’t arrange mother-of-pearl spoons for everyone at your gathering then opt for elegant plastic spoons. You might also want to invest in a caviar key to pop the caviar tins open like a professional. 

    Set Up Appetizers and Bites

    A good way of regulating the amount of caviar that every guest enjoys is to have appetizers with small toppings of caviar. You can opt for something like traditional blinis and crème fraîche or hearty bites with caviar toppings such as crackers or potatoe chips.

    Buying Caviar For Your Party

    It is always good to source caviar and roe needed for your party from a single vendor such as Find a trusted vendor by doing research whether you’re buying the caviar online or offline.

    Read reviews and ratings from the internet about different shops selling caviar before making your decision. Sourcing from a single vendor will save you time and hassle.

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    What is the difference between caviar and roe?

    Plan Shipment & Storage Beforehand

    As with most of the food items, Caviar is best when served fresh. So after finalizing the vendor, check with them the time they take to ship at your place. Side by side make proper arrangements to store the caviar so that it gives the unique and amazing flavor for your guests to consume it at your party.


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