How To Store Caviar: Insider Advice and Tips

Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
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how to store caviar

Improper care of caviar will quickly ruin your delicious and expensive delicacy by turning it into a cheap tasting mushy pile of fish eggs. Caviar is a highly perishable product and therefore needs to be properly stored and preserved to keep its delicious taste. Here are a few of my go to suggestions for newbies on how to store caviar like a connoisseur:

How to store caviar?

An unopened vacuum sealed can or jar will stay fresh for approximately one month, but once opened will only last for approximately one week. Ideally you want to store the caviar at 28 to 30 F, regardless if the tin or jar is vacuumed sealed or not. Since most regular kitchen refrigerators cannot reach such a cold temperature, I recommend placing the caviar tin in the coldest part of your refrigerator into a bowl of ice cubes. You can also freeze caviar but keep in mind that it will lose some of its texture after it defrosts. Once you have opened the jar, you can further preserve the caviar’s texture by wrapping the container with saran wrap before storing it in the fridge.

How to store caviar like a professional? 

It’s best to remove the caviar from your refrigerator and let it stand for approximately 5 minutes unopened at room temperature. I called this process acclimation, lol. Caviar can be eaten directly out of the tin or jar, or it can be transferred into a glass bowl. I recommend serving the caviar tin container directly over ice as it will preserve the quality and texture as well as keep the caviar as cold as possible. Now you know how to store caviar, let's move on to a few more sophisticated alternatives.

Caviar spoons galore 

There is a long standing myth that caviar should not be consumed off a  metal spoon. Although not true, in order to look like a true caviar connoisseur; you should not serve caviar from a metal spoon. Instead it’s best to serve caviar from a mother of pearl bone caviar spoons.

What to serve with caviar?

Caviar has a resounding flavor and taste, and therefore it should be served with something that doesn’t overwhelm its richness and flavor. Traditional garnishes are blinis and creme fraiche, crackers, and potatoes chips. Of course vodka and champagne (I recommend Patland sparkling wine) are the best beverage to pair with caviar. 

How much caviar should I serve?

After asking myself this question many times, I have come to the conclusion that 2 ounces per person is the perfect amount. If you are planning on serving caviar on top of a prepared creation for decoration or additional taste, then I recommend 1 ounce per person as a general rule of thumb.

Popular Sturgeon Caviar 

Russian Ossetra: is bold and briny with the lasting flavor of a sea breeze.

Kaluga Caviar: is mild with a buttery finish and a hidden gem in the culinary space!

Beluga Caviar: is the KING of all caviar and sturgeon that you cannot find elsewhere! 

Popular Roe 

Alaskan King Salmon: A fantastic red roe with a unique pop perfect for any occasion. 

Paddlefish Roe: A cousin of the sturgeon, this delicious wild caught paddlefish roe will electrify your taste buds with mouthwater perfection! 

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