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    Caviar Imperial de Sologne: Get The Inside Scoop

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    4 minute read

    Caviar Imperial de Sologne

    The Imperial of Sologne is a unique fish egg that is produced in the center-Loire Valley region. The medium size eggs range in color from black to dark brown, and are well known for their rich texture, firm grain and unrivaled quality. A perfect balance of salt extenuates their shiny appearance and a rich flavor profile. Procured from a sturgeon farm in France, this rare caviar stimulates the palate with a lingering aroma of chocolate and subtle taste of hazelnut.

    4 Popular Types of Caviar ​

    Caviar Imperial de Sologne is a dark medium size egg well known for its rich texture, firm grain and quality procured in the center-Loire Valley region of France. 

    Kaluga Caviar - Known as a “River Beluga” the Kaluga sturgeon is our best seller and most popular caviar. Electrify your taste buds with large dark green eggs, rich texture, and soft buttery profile.

    Osetra Caviar - An outstanding combination of chocolate and coffee, these large eggs are perfect to delight guests at any occasion (famously endorsed by Oprah Winfrey as her favorite caviar!). 

    Beluga Caviar - the king of all caviars, these eggs are large with a nutty and butter flavor of the sea that melts in your mouth.

    Where did caviar originally come from?

    Ancient Persians were the original pioneers of the consumption of sturgeon eggs. The word “caviar” comes from the Persian word “khav-yar” which means “cake of strength” or “cake of power” because the Persian people attributed many medicinal properties to caviar.

    Is caviar healthy?

    Yes, caviar is a rich, calorie-dense food that is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and metals along with loads of anti-inflammatory Omega-3. Moreover, caviar is a mouthwatering culinary delight that will leave you salivating. 

    Is caviar expensive?

    Caviar retails for high prices because of the long duration and high cost associated with harvesting sturgeon eggs. Due to its rarity, delicacy and exclusivity caviar has historically retailed for elevated prices.

    Where to buy caviar?

    Skazka Caviar has an exclusive collection of sturgeon caviar available at reasonable prices. The highest quality and perfect taste are guaranteed, and all products are eligible for free nationwide overnight shipping. 

    What to eat with caviar?

    A traditional and popular caviar pairing that spread all over the world from Russia is Blinis and Crème Fraîche. Fresh bread, crackers, toast, baguette, pita and even potato chips are frequently served with caviar. Other popular complements include sour cream, butter, boiled eggs and even onions. In general, the main point here is not to be afraid to experiment, caviar will taste delicious on just about anything!

    Summary of this article 

    Caviar Imperial de Sologne is a dark medium size egg well known for its rich texture, firm grain and top quality. Other popular caviars include Kaluga caviar, Osetra caviar  and Beluga caviar. Sturgeon eggs are a healthy delicacy originally pioneered by ancient Persians. Although caviar is expensive due to the high costs of harvesting sturgeon eggs, Skazka Caviar offers high quality caviar for reasonable prices. Explore our exclusive sturgeon caviar collection.

    About the Author

    How to eat caviar like a professiona Igor Fishbeyn - Caviar Purveyor

    Igor Fishbeyn is purveyor of fine sturgeon caviar and creator of the Skazka Caviar brand. He is an expert with decades of experience specializing in importing, wholesaling, and retailing the finest quality caviar in the world. Igor frequently writes about caviar news and various topics about the caviar industry. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

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