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    Sturgeon Caviar: The Ultimate Guide

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    8 minute read

    sturgeon caviar

    There is just one absolute rule when it comes to true caviar - it can only come from sturgeon, the only fish species capable of producing authentic, mouth-watering caviar with a heavenly taste. Caviar is essentially the matured eggs of sturgeon, which is very different from roe that refers to any fish eggs, including those often referred to as "Red Caviar."

    Sturgeon caviar is undoubtedly an extraordinarily tasteful delicacy, a natural gift to your taste buds. It has an incredible texture and an outrageously unique buttery and nutty flavor. Unfortunately, it's also often costly due to endangerment and the long reproduction cycle of sturgeon. 

    Lucky for you, we at SKAZKA CAVIAR have a myriad of the most luxurious and high quality exclusive sturgeon caviar, let’s explore.  

    Sturgeon Caviar at a Glance

    Sturgeon is the common name for the 27 different species of the fish family called Acipenseridae native to the Northern Hemisphere waters. While sturgeon is typically found in the Caspian Sea, the caviar-producing fish also swims the Black Sea, some parts of the Pacific Northwest, South Atlantic, North America regions, and big European rivers and lakes. 

    Today, most sturgeon caviar comes from the US, Italy, Iran, and France, with China getting into the business recently, set to become the world's biggest caviar distributor. 

    In essence, sturgeon are a massive fish that can grow over 1000 pounds in its lifetime as a saltwater species. However, the critically endangered prehistoric fish lays eggs in freshwater after a long reproduction cycle that can last for up to five years. No wonder the price can reach up to $800 for 250g of sturgeon caviar.

    There is a piece of good news, though. Due to new sustainable farming methods and digital revolution, malossol turgeon caviar is now available to order for anyone looking to taste this exquisite delicacy. 

    At SKAZKA, sturgeon caviar is an accessible luxury, with a wide range of types to choose from. 

    How Do Farmers Harvest Sturgeon Caviar?

    Essentially, it's all about timing and meticulousness. Once the sturgeon roe is matured, it's ready to be harvested, but delicately!

    Caviar experts agree that the luxury roe beads have the most of their exquisite flavor three days before sturgeon is ready to spawn. That's when you get that famous Caspian pop on your palate and experience the authentic, incredible essence of caviar in your mouth. 

    Farmers open the roe sacks and then rub them against the mesh to separate the caviar from the membrane. Eggs then go through the rinsing process and malossol salting process

    Types of Sturgeon Caviar

    In general, all sturgeon caviar has that soul-enriching, unique flavor that makes it a luxury delicacy. However, each type offers a different yet incredible caviar experience. Beluga, Kaluga, Osetra, and Siberian sturgeon mainly rule the black caviar market.

    The best caviar comes from Beluga, Kaluga, Osetra, and Siberian Sturgeon. There are also varieties such as White, Paddlefish, and Hackleback caviar. They differ in color, size, flavor, and price. 

    Typically, there are two grades of sturgeon caviar. Egg color, size, clarity, aroma, taste, and firmness determine the caviar grade. So naturally, grade one means you get the most giant, most decadent, and exquisite caviar eggs there are. 

    How Much Does Sturgeon Caviar Cost?

    Trying out black caviar is on many peoples' bucket lists. However, many shy away from it because of the steep price. However, there are affordable solutions at SKAZKA in 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, and 8oz sizes. We pride ourselves on offering delicious but sustainable and affordable sturgeon caviar. 

    "River Beluga" Sturgeon caviar 250g cost is approximately $695. But, the famously tasty Kaluga caviar hybrids on this popular webshop elevate the senses, and these are the prices for 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz caviar tin. All of these caviars are fresh and highest-quality. 

    Sturgeon Caviar Flavor Profile

    The true caviar has an indescribable texture and large sockets rolling onto your palate to give you the most exquisite taste of the ocean ever. Moreover, the eggs are smooth and buttery, without any excess fat. Once caviar bursts in your mouth, the flavors they release are nutty, with a hint of salt. However, the taste also depends on the type of sturgeon.

    Beluga Sturgeon

    Beluga is considered the most exclusive type of caviar on the planet. The fish is giant, weighing up to 3,000 pounds and extending to 24 feet. Moreover, Belugas can produce over several hundreds of pounds of the most luxurious caviar you can taste. They are incredibly rare and endangered, so they retail for high prices. 

    Kaluga Sturgeon

    "River Beluga" is actually the best type of caviar you could get since its taste is very similar to Beluga. It's almost the same, although Beluga has a more buttery finish than Kaluga. But, this delicacy is sustainable and has a fantastic flavor.

    Siberian Sturgeon

    This type of caviar has that famous black caviar flavor, but it's much more available since it has a quicker gestation period than other sturgeon. Sevruga also has that favorite Caspian pop, with a nutty, cream finish and more marine taste. 

    Russian Osetra 

    Osetra eggs are slightly smaller than Beluga but have a rich, earthly nutty flavor. Caviar connoisseurs consider this type of caviar to be one of the best in the world. 

    Did you know that some caviar connoisseurs claim you can taste as much as 15 different caviar flavors? In fact, the taste varies from one type to the other, so the flavor of malossol is always an exciting, unique experience. But, whichever you choose, one thing is sure - the taste of each sturgeon caviar is decadent, to say the least.

    Sturgeon Caviar Food Pairings

    Truth be told, eating caviar is a form of art. And while caviar purists claim sturgeon caviar is best to eat solo, many caviar food pairings elevate the taste of these magnificent eggs. 

    One of the most popular caviar gastro accessories is blinis with crème fraîche, making the most delicious appetizers you could taste. Unsalted crackers, toast, pita chips, sour cream, eggs, or minced onion also work excellent with caviar. If you want to eat caviar like a real pro, you can learn how to in this article.

    How to Serve Sturgeon Caviar?

    First of all, once you obtain your delicacy, make sure to keep it between 26 to 34℉ since heat could ruin the quality and taste, especially with malossol caviar. Then, once you're ready to serve, make sure the caviar is crisp chill, preferably on ice. 

    Whatever you do, don't use metal utensils when getting the eggs out because those could heavily influence caviar flavor. If you're not sure how to go about it, don't worry. You can quickly learn all about it here.

    The wisest and most luxurious way to eat caviar is using a Mother of Pearl Spoon. Additionally, be careful when handling the eggs since they could easily break. 

    If you're serving various types of caviar, make sure to serve them according to their flavor intensity. Start with a milder flavor and work your way up to the most intense ones, such as kaluga sturgeon caviar. 

    How Much Sturgeon Caviar to Buy?

    If you want every person at your caviar party to taste the true essence of the delicacy, make sure to secure approximately ounce of caviar per person. For example, a sturgeon caviar 8oz should serve approximately eight people. But if you ask us, it's cutting it close. So, if you do happen to serve eight people, buy some extra to avoid any unpleasant situations. 

    It all depends on you and your portioning, so make sure to be careful. The wisest thing to do is prepare bite-sized appetizers to encourage portion control. After all, not everyone knows the etiquette. 

    If you ask us, we recommend two to three ounces of sturgeon caviar for each to really enjoy the full taste of the luxurious food. 


    We recommend eating caviar without any garnishing for the most fantastic caviar experience in this dimension. The taste of the sturgeon caviar is so exquisite that it's almost a shame to combine it with anything else. However, there are fantastic side dishes that complement the unique flavor of caviar. 

    For those looking for the most perfect experience, we recommend reading this blog to learn the most magnificent ways to indulge in the most luxurious food on Earth like an absolute boss.

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