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    What Is Malossol? Discover An Ancient Salting Technique

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    4 minute read

    What is malossol

    Regardless of quality practically all caviar and roe are cured to the standards of the malossol technique. At Skazka Caviar we are frequently asked what is malossol? The malossol technique is the highest quality and most popular method used to preserve caviar. In Russian the word “malossol” directly translates to “little salt”. 

    How to use the malossol technique?

    The malossol process (salting technique), is timeless and carefully curated through many years experience. We deeply care about what is malossol and therefore keep the salt content as low as possible. Approximately 3-5% salt is ideal because it preserves the caviar and enhances the texture and taste while using as little salt as possible. Originally in Russia the word malossol was used for only the highest grade caviar, proudly notifying consumers that the caviar is high quality malossol that has not been overly salted.

    What is malossol

    History of malossol 

    In ancient Russia, the word Malossol was used to distinguish high grade caviar from lower grades. Since preservatives didn’t exist hundreds of years ago to extend the shelf life of roe and caviar, the only reasonable solution was to adopt the malossol technique by adding the perfect amount of salt. However, if too much salt was added the taste would get overwhelmed and the culinary delight would be compromised.

    Other forms of caviar preservation besides malossol 

    There are several other forms of caviar preservation, but all other methods are considered to be inferior to the ancient malossol salting technique. For example, caviar can be pasteurized, semi-preserved and even pressed. However, the malossol method is superior and avoiding all other forms of preservation should be avoided.

    Popular malossol caviar and roe 

    The malossol salting technique is the most effective technique to cure roe and caviar. Explore our exclusive collection of large egg malossol brimming with a distinct taste and robust texture. We take particular pride in adding minimal salt to preserve the integrity of the caviar, empowering it to electrify your tastebuds with a masterful taste. Here are some favorites:

    Popular Sturgeon Malossol Caviar

    Kaluga Sturgeon, Beluga Sturgeon, Russian Osetra, and Siberian Sturgeon.

    Popular Malossol Roe

    Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Smoked Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout, and Paddlefish.

    What is malossol

    Be weary of overly salted caviar

    Keep in mind when eating caviar to be cognizant of roe that is too salty. High quality caviar does not require too much salt, but low quality inferior roe is overly salted usually to hide its inferior quality or poor texture of the eggs. At Skazka Caviar we procure the highest quality malossol — perfect taste, texture and salt consistency is guaranteed! 


    The malossol technique is the most popular method used to preserve caviar. In Russian the word “malossol” means “little salt” (only about 3% to 5% salt content). Other forms to cure caviar such as pasteurization are inferior to the malossol technique. Be careful of overly salted caviar, it’s usually a sign of a low quality product. 

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