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    Osetra, Ossetra, Oscietra... What's the Correct Spelling?

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
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    Champagne and caviar

    If you are a caviar enthusiast or have encountered this luxurious delicacy, you might have noticed different spellings for one of the most prized caviar varieties - Osetra, Ossetra, or Oscietra. This apparent confusion can leave many wondering which spelling is correct. In this article, we'll explore the history, origins, and proper spellings of this exceptional caviar, clarifying the mystery behind the varying names.

    The Caviar Conundrum: Osetra, Ossetra, and Oscietra Explained

    The confusion surrounding the spelling of this caviar variety can be attributed to the transliteration of the Cyrillic alphabet, as caviar is predominantly produced in Russia and neighboring countries where Cyrillic script is used. As a result, the name of this caviar species, written in Cyrillic as "Осётр," can be transliterated into English differently, leading to the variations we see: Osetra, Ossetra, and Oscietra.

    The Origins of Osetra Caviar

    To understand the correct spelling, let's delve into the origins of this prized caviar variety. Osetra caviar comes from the Osetra sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), a species native to the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea regions. Known for its distinctive flavor and firm texture, Osetra caviar is revered among caviar connoisseurs for its nutty and buttery taste.

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    Osetra vs. Ossetra: An Etymological Perspective

    The variation in spelling, Osetra and Ossetra, is the result of different transliteration practices. The use of "Osetra" is closer to the original pronunciation of the Russian word "Осётр," while "Ossetra" stems from an alternate transliteration method. Both spellings are commonly used in the English-speaking world and generally refer to the same caviar species, the Osetra sturgeon.

    The Oscietra Mystery

    On the other hand, "Oscietra" is a different variety of caviar altogether. The name "Oscietra" refers to the caviar from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), which is also native to the Caspian Sea region. Unlike Osetra caviar, Oscietra caviar is often considered lighter in color and boasts a more delicate flavor profile.

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    Resolving the Spelling Dilemma

    In the caviar market, both "Osetra" and "Ossetra" are widely accepted and used interchangeably. When choosing the correct spelling, consider the preferences of reputable caviar producers and suppliers, as they are more likely to follow established conventions. It's essential to note that the quality and characteristics of the caviar matter more than its spelling, as caviar enthusiasts value the taste and texture above all.


    The spelling variations - Osetra, Ossetra, and Oscietra - are a result of transliteration from the Cyrillic script used in the native regions of caviar production. Both "Osetra" and "Ossetra" refer to the same caviar variety, derived from the Osetra sturgeon, renowned for its nutty and buttery flavor. On the other hand, "Oscietra" designates caviar from the Russian sturgeon, offering a more delicate taste profile. Ultimately, when discussing this prized caviar, understanding its origin and characteristics is more crucial than its spelling. So, whether you choose "Osetra" or "Ossetra," revel in the luxury of this exceptional caviar and savor its exquisite taste.

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