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    Royal Sevruga Caviar at a Glance

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    6 minute read

    Royal Sevruga Caviar

    Royal Sevruga Caviar at a Glance

    Royal Sevruga Caviar is a high-quality luxury product, which is considered a real find for gourmets all over the world. It stands out among others with a special buttery flavor and distinct smoothness. You can recognize this black caviar type by the gray coloration and its variations, as well as the small, neat size of the eggs. Roe corns’ magnitude depends on the age of a female sturgeon: the faster she matures, the smaller the eggs come out. And in our case, the female can be considered mature already at six years old, when other species reach this stage much later.

    Next to Beluga and Osetra roe, Royal Sevruga Caviar is one of the most popular and prized in the world, and they call it “Malossol”, which in Russian means lightly salted. All these three types of caviar are considered the most exclusive and premium, and stellate sturgeon, although not inferior to them in taste, Royal Sevruga Caviar. It comes from the rare Sevruga sturgeon of the Caspian Sea, and this roe is impossible to forget because of the delicious distinct flavor.

    Where does Royal Sevruga Caviar come from?

    Most caviar is produced in Russia and Iran from fish caught in the Caspian, Black, and Azov Seas. As for Royal Sevruga Caviar, her native "home" is the Caspian Sea. Like other members of the sturgeon family, Beluga, and Ossetra, the fish that produces this caviar needs special manufacturing techniques and should be processed under special sterile conditions. Skazka is engaged in the production of caviar from sturgeon fish that live in an exceptionally clean natural environment and good farming conditions to provides the best quality together with well-known “Caspian pop”. To reach such heights, this rare little fish needs to be in the ideal habitat to mature properly and quickly.

    Royal Sevruga Caviar Flavor Profile

    Each dish carries its own message to our taste buds, called the flavor profile, by which they can be distinguished from each other. Royal Sevruga Caviar flavor profile also has some individual character notes, which can help you recognize this roe and distinguish it from other types of caviar. In particular, this caviar sort is characterized by a rich and complex taste, slightly reminiscent of hazelnuts and iodine, having the strongest flavor among Sturgeon eggs.

    The Sterlet fish has very similar caviar in color to Sevruga. Despite this fact, each of them has the most flavorful and intense ocean tastes among the other members of the sturgeon family. In addition, its buttery taste and grayish color can be compared with Beluga. But unlike these two types, Sevruga eggs have a richer and stronger taste, although they don’t surpass them in size.

    Still, there are many differences between the mentioned three members of the sturgeon family. For example, Osetra has a dark brown to the golden yellow roe color, unlike its gray brothers. Also, Sevruga is small and trim just like eggs it produces, in comparison with Beluga and Osetra (which doesn’t prevent her from being one of the most popular and delicious on the market worldwide).

    Royal Sevruga Caviar Food Pairings

    Real aesthetes know that Royal Sevruga Caviar pairings with other products can sparkle with new gastronomic colors, although it has a very self-sufficient taste in itself. The strong buttery taste of black caviar and airy French Blinis can be considered an ideal combination. Baking and stellate sturgeon caviar are generally a win-win option to pamper yourself and your loved ones with a mix of tenderness and sea exotics. Do not forget to add a little more light sour cream or crème fraiche to this delicacy to get an unforgettable taste and enjoy the melting of Royal Sevruga Caviar in your mouth.

    In some countries, including Russia, it is also customary to serve chopped hard-boiled eggs with separated yolks and whites as an accompaniment to caviar. This delicate flavor combination is highly recommended to try by every gourmet that is crazy about the rich flavor profile of the caviar. But if you're a classics lover, just spread a generous layer of flavorful roe on crispy toast or an aromatic French baguette and rejoice at the moment. 

    How to Serve Royal Sevruga Caviar

    The most important thing in serving caviar is not to use metal utensils, because their chemical interaction can break the idyll of taste. In the Skazka store, you can find a special Pearl Caviar Spoon, which you need to pick up such a luxury product because a quality product needs good treatment. In addition, it is better to open a can of caviar with a special Stainless Steel Caviar Tin Opener

    If you want to recreate its unsurpassed sea taste, you ought to cool the roe before feeding yourself and your loved ones. Without a doubt, your guests will be delighted with such a serving. And you yourself will be pleased to scoop caviar, not with an ordinary but with a special designer spoon from a can unlocked with a beautiful durable tin opener before.


    Despite neither the small size of the fish nor the small size of the eggs, Royal Sevruga Caviar is rightfully considered one of the best and most delicious in the world. This delicacy, made according to the ancient technology of light salting, goes well with various dishes, snacks, and light sauces. A little whimsical in price, it is still inferior here to other representatives of its family. 

    A bit finicky with metal cutlery, it's still worth it to get the right spoon and bottle opener for this “Malossol” marine zest. Just try Royal Sevruga Caviar once, and it will enchant you with the complex taste of its grayish caviar gently melting in your mouth forever. Because is it possible to refuse such an opportunity to taste a rich mix of buttery tenderness and strength, along with the aroma of a real fresh sea?

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    How to eat caviar like a professiona Igor Fishbeyn - Caviar Purveyor

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