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    Black Caviar: Get The Inside Scoop On Sturgeon Eggs

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    9 minute read

    black caviar

    Black Caviar: Get The Inside Scoop On Sturgeon Eggs

    If you're only just dabbling into the world of caviar and want to do it right, congratulations! You've come to the right place. Here, you will learn all there is to know about the best sturgeon caviar in the world, the so-called “black caviar”. In addition, you will find out why exactly black caviar costs so much and how it is different from any other fish roe. 

    But more importantly, you will learn where to buy black caviar online and how to serve black caviar like a pro.

    What is Black Caviar?

    In essence, caviar is subtly salted fish eggs. But, not all fish eggs are caviar. To be precise, caviar comes exclusively from a sturgeon (no other fish!). There are 27 species in the family of Acipenseridae, to be exact. It's called "black caviar" because sturgeon eggs are typically darker in color but can range from olive green to pitch black.

    If we at SKAZKA had to describe the taste of black caviar with just one word, it would undoubtedly be heaven. Although flavor depends on the type of fish and the foods it eats, caviar has a delicious taste. To say black caviar tastes like the ocean would be a colossal understatement.

    Black caviar has a nutty, buttery flavor and a smooth, sublime texture with eggs that pop in your mouth as they roll onto your palate. That being said, to really know what sturgeon caviar tastes like, you just have to try it. You will fall instantly in love with those dark flavor bombs.

    The Difference Between Black Caviar and Roe

    Alongside black, there is also so-called red caviar. However, it is not exactly real caviar. Red usually comes from salmon or trout, and it's only called red caviar because the eggs typically have a reddish hue. The simplest explanation for any newbies in the caviar world is the following.

    All fish eggs are roe. However, not all roe is caviar. Black Caviar exclusively comes from the legendary sturgeon fish that produces the tastiest fish roe on the planet. 

    In essence, the common misconception between roe and caviar is in the word used to describe them. People use the word "caviar" to describe fish roe, although that is not linguistically correct.

    The most popular roe comes from Salmon, Paddlefish, and Trout. But in general, roe references all kinds of unfertilized eggs of sea creatures such as shrimps, squid, lobsters, etc.

    But, caviar and roe do have several things in common. First, they are both delicious and outstanding choices. Second, both caviar and roe are cured and lightly salted using the ancient "Malossol" technique

    Why Is Black Caviar So Expensive?

    I mean, sturgeon caviar really is the most exclusive thing you can ever put in your mouth. Yet, at Skazka Caviar, you can find prices ranging from $700 to 1,200 per pound. Why? Those precious eggs are difficult to obtain since sturgeon can take decades to mature and produce top-quality caviar. Also, it takes a significant amount of farmers' labor.

    Also, there is no way to get your hands on wild black caviar since it was banned due to poaching and overfishing. But, thanks to farmers' efforts, you can still experience the mouthwatering taste of black caviar and see what it is that makes it the most luxurious food item you can taste. In fact, the taste between wild and farmed black caviar is quite similar and virtually indistinguishable.

    What Is the Price Difference Between Roe and Black Caviar?

    As mentioned above, black caviar costs approximately $700 to $1,200 per pound. On the other hand, roe goes for $100 to $200 per pound at the most. Therefore, trout and salmon roe is "infinitely" more affordable when compared to black caviar.

    But, if you ask us at SKAZKA, black caviar is undoubtedly worth the price since it offers an indescribable gastro experience.

    Types of Black Caviar

    Black Caviar is a common name for caviar that comes from the most popular species of sturgeon - Kaluga, Beluga, Russian Osetra, and Siberian Sturgeon. That said, paddlefish also have black roe. However, just so you know, paddlefish is not black caviar.

    Most Popular Sturgeon Caviar

    Kaluga Caviar has a subtle, mild, and buttery flavor to die for. In fact, in our expert opinion, it's the perfect replacement for the most luxurious and most expensive Beluga caviar.

    Russian Osetra the caviar that has that sea breeze. It's bold, salty, and delicious. 

    Siberian Sturgeon caviar has a vibrant flavor. Also, it has one of the "cleanest" but creamiest caviar flavors you can taste. 

    Beluga Caviar the king of caviars, has the most decadent flavor on the planet. Nutty and buttery, with a finish that is, honestly, indescribable and incomparable.

    Most Popular Roe 

    Salmon Roe has an excellent red color and unique pop of briny seawater. You cannot go wrong with this roe on your sushi.

    Paddlefish Roe is buttery and flavorful and black caviar with a dark color egg.

    Trout Roe has a mild, fresh, and clean taste. Also, the eggs are a bit softer, so it's excellent to eat on crackers. 

    How to store black caviar

    We at SKAZKA plead that you store your black caviar properly; otherwise, you could ruin the luxurious delicacy. How? It's pretty simple. 

    An unopened caviar container can survive approximately four weeks at a temperature of 26° F to 36° F. Your basic kitchen refrigerators are not that cold, so it's best to put your caviar in a bowl with ice and in the coldest part of the appliance. We don't recommend freezing your caviar since it will undoubtedly lose some of its texture when defrosting.

    Once opened, you should eat the caviar within several days of opening. If you decide to freeze it, though, keep in mind that you can save it for approximately a year. But, why would you when it's so delicious?

    How to Serve Black Caviar?

    If you want to serve black caviar like a pro, do it, so it's perfectly chilled, preferably in a large bowl with ice. Secondly, experts claim you should avoid metal utensils when handling caviar since it could affect its unique flavor. Instead, caviar connoisseurs recommend using a Mother of Pearl spoon

    Whatever you do, do not open the caviar tin before serving the roe since it could severely ruin the taste. Also, once you are ready to open the can, make sure you do it properly. Yes, there are accessories and knowledge for that process also. 

    How Much Black Caviar Should You Serve?

    They say the ideal amount should be one ounce per person. However, we at SKAZKA recommend two ounces per person as the perfect caviar portion. But, an ounce should definitely suffice if you're serving your caviar with some side dishes or garnishing. Most popular are definitely Blinis and Creme Fraiche from Skazka Caviar.  

    If you're wondering what to drink with caviar, we've got you covered there also. Vodka or champagne is the wisest choice since they clean the palate nicely.

    Health Benefits of Black Caviar

    There are numerous health benefits of black caviar, backed by science, of course. Caviar is a fantastic source of vitamin B12 and valuable fatty acids. Also, it may help reduce wrinkles and skin aging.

    Caviar may also improve brain and mental health because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, black caviar can reduce the risk of depression and boost brain health. Additionally, caviar reduces heart risk disease and improves male fertility. Black caviar helps support the immune system since it’s packed with selenium and other nutrients essential for your immunity. 

    Black Caviar Has the Most Delicious Taste

    One thing is sure; black caviar does not at all taste like "fish eggs." In fact, it tastes nothing like that. Its delicious flavor is complex and challenging to describe, but we'll try.

    Quality black caviar is fresh, beautifully textured, and smooth in flavor. The eggs should roll onto your tongue and pop in your mouth, releasing a creamy, buttery, nutty flavor. These delicious eggs are actually sweet, with a hint of earthy taste. 

    That said, the flavor dramatically depends on the quality. If not fresh, black caviar can taste too salty or too fishy. 

    If you want to try genuinely delicious black caviar, we at SKAZKA recommend trying Kaluga, Osetra, or White sturgeon caviar. You cannot go wrong with paddlefish, Hackleback, salmon, or trout roe. 


    Black Caviar is the most precious fish roe on the face of the Earth, and it's not without reason. If you find the chance, you should try these magnificent sturgeon eggs since you probably won't taste anything as decadent as black caviar in your life. But, be very careful with the following: make sure you get it from a trusted online vendor. And more importantly, make sure you order enough!

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    How to eat caviar like a professiona Igor Fishbeyn - Caviar Purveyor

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