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    Russian Caviar: Learn All About It

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    8 minute read

    Russian caviar

    Russian Caviar: Learn All About It

    The history of Russian caviar has been turbulent, with environmental issues being the most recent to leave adverse effects to the sturgeon industry. In Russia, caviar also went by the name "black gold," which, when it comes to the taste of the luxury gastro pleasure, is not at all that far from the truth.

    In essence, caviar is a delicious tasting unfertilized fish roe. But, not all fish roe is caviar. The luxury delicacy comes exclusively from the sturgeon family of fish, the one that produces caviar with that famous "Caspian pop" in your mouth. When it comes to Russian caviar, you literally cannot taste anything better. Lucky for you, SKAZKA has an excellent selection of Russian caviar for you to consider. But first, below is all you need to know about the best caviar in the world.

    Russian Caviar at a Glance

    The main caviar product in Russia is the famous Siberian sturgeon caviar, prized as one of the most luxurious foods on the planet. Russian caviar is incredibly rich in taste and smooth in texture, leaving a lovely tone of subtle decadence in your mouth. Essentially, this type of caviar is the best caviar globally because it has this buttery, nutty flavor without any "fishy" door.

    Russian caviar will give you that taste of the ocean but in a subtle, flowy way. Top-quality Black caviar is always prepared in "Malossol" style, so they're only lightly salted. Caviar roe is typically a firm, shiny and lustrous egg ranging from pitch black to olive green.

    King Sturgeon - Provider of the Best Caviar in the World

    True caviar can come from sturgeon only. The prehistoric fish coming from the Acipenseridae family swims the waters of the Black Sea, Caspian Sea, the South At- lantic regions of North America, and some parts of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, sturgeon are found roaming some of Europe’s large lakes and rivers.

    The family of the magnificent sturgeon has 27 species, but not all of their eggs are equally exquisite. The best caviar in the world comes from four most popular species of sturgeon - Beluga, Kaluga (River Beluga), Osetra, Almas (White Beluga), and Sevruga.

    Huso Huso Makes the Most Popular Caviar

    Caspian Sea king, the Beluga sturgeon, which swims the pollution-free waters, makes the tastiest caviar you can ever try. This fish's eggs are large, light grey in color, and smooth in taste. Their texture is pretty firm, so they pop in your mouth as they roll onto the palate.

    However, due to poaching and overfishing, Beluga caviar is no longer available to import to the USA. Luckily, there are several excellent options to try if you want to taste the best types of caviar.

    Russian Caviar Flavor Profile

    Genuine caviar means firm, lustrous eggs that pop in your mouth as they roll onto your palate. Once they do, these eggs release a magnificent buttery and nutty flavor, with the subtle saltiness of the ocean. This caviar is incredibly rich in texture and is known to be the most flavourful caviar you could ever try.

    However, since there are 27 species of sturgeon on the planet, there are also 27 unique types of caviar. The most popular one is Beluga, followed by Kaluga, and Osetra,. In addition, there are also sturgeon hybrids that produce magnificent caviars. But, we'll stick with the kings of the industry.

    Farmed Caviar Is as Good as Wild Caviar

    Thanks to farmers and new technologies, it's possible to consistently enjoy high-quality Russian caviar. In fact, caviar experts claim that wild and farmed caviar taste identical.

    At SKAZKA, we decided to do our best and utilize the most sophisticated technological farming system to offer you top-notch, ecologically harvested caviar without pesticides.

    Moreover, every precious sturgeon egg is hand-sorted, while our caviar is salted using the ancient "Malossol" technique. So, what caviar should you try to really taste the true Russian caviar?

    Types of Russian Caviar

    Suppose you're searching for the most expensive caviar you can find; it's undoubtedly Almas caviar. "Almas" translates diamonds in Russian, which tells you all about the exclusivity of this black gold. It comes from albino Beluga that produces incredibly silky caviar.

    Caviar connoisseurs did their best in their quest for Beluga caviar replacement and found the top candidates for the title. Kaluga Caviar (River Beluga), Osetra, and Sevruga sturgeon caviar. Additionally, Hackleback caviar is an exceptionally affordable and high-quality solution.

    How Much Does Russian Caviar Cost?

    Nowadays sturgeon farms helped drop the price of caviar dramatically. However, if you want quality caviar, you will have to pay for it (but not as much as before).

    See, most people imagine caviar to be this incredible luxury. But, there are actually multiple sustainably harvested, affordable caviars to buy online. Typically, you can expect an ounce of Russian caviar to set you back at approximately $100. But, it is so worth it.

    Where Can You Find Russian Caviar?

    There is a pretty powerful dominance of Siberian sturgeon in Russian caviar. If you stick to reputable sources of this delicacy, you will enjoy the most fantastic taste you could imag- ine. Lucky for you, all of these top-notch caviars, as well as red caviar from salmon or trout, you can find at SKAZKA.

     “KING GRADE” Beluga Sturgeon Caviar

    This one will impress even the most skeptic caviar connoisseurs regarding hybrids. This caviar comes from a female Beluga sturgeon and the male starry sturgeon, mixing the flavors into a mesh of creamy but complex taste you can't really compare to anything else than heaven.

    “River Beluga” Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar

    Just a friendly warning, these giant, robust eggs of Kaluga Caviar could knock you off your boots. The chocolate brown caviar has an incredibly rich, nutty taste with hints of sweet brininess. It's the perfect caviar to make a dinner party remember. Also, experts claim it's the best replacement for Beluga caviar.

    "Traditional Russian" Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

    Soft, salty, and nutty is undoubtedly one of the classics ideal for any business dinner. It has a unique deep brown and olive color and the typical taste you expect when tasting the true Russian caviar.

    "Oprah's Favorite" Russian Osetra Caviar

    This Amber Osetra roe is prized for its clean, buttery flavor that satisfies most people. It's medium-sized and can work at any caviar party since it has the purest taste of any roe available.

    Pick any of these, and you will know the authentic taste of real Russian caviar. That said, SKAZKA has several other choices of the type and salmon and trout roe. To learn the difference between caviar and roe explained by an expert, click here.

    How to Serve and Eat Russian Caviar?

    Honestly, every caviar enthusiast on the planet will tell you that true Russian caviar is the best by itself. You don't really need anything else to boost that unique flavor. A Mother of Pearl spoon full of the "Russian caviar", and you will know what I'm talking about.          

    That said, many foods and side dishes complement Russian caviar as ideal garnishings to the delicacy. So put it on top with some blinis along with a dash of crème fraîche for the ultimate caviar dining experience.

    These are some other classic side dishes that caviar simply adores:

    • Unsalted crackers

    • French Blinis

    • Toast

    • Minced onions

    • Lemon wedges

    • Chives

    • Potatoes

    • Sour cream

    • Hard-cooked eggs.

    Whatever you do, make sure you don't crush the precious eggs because that could ruin the whole experience.

    How Much Russian Caviar to Buy?

    One 8oz of Russian caviar can serve approximately 6-9 people, but experts recommend 2oz per person. So, if you're making a more extensive caviar tasting party, it's wise to get an 8oz size of Russian caviar.

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