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    Caviar Sampler: Test the Best

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    4 minute read

    Caviar Sampler

    What is a Caviar Sampler?

    When people get an idea of bringing something truly unique to a party - a dish that will be remembered by everyone for a long time, sturgeon caviar is surely one of the most popular choices. Having the reputation of being a rare delicacy, it is also a wanted luxury product that everybody wants to try at some point in their life.

    However, most of the time after the initial excitement about the upcoming purchase, a person starts realizing there is much more to it than simply pressing a button. Starting from various sturgeon species and caviar flavor profiles there comes color, texture, beads size, and hardness of caviar that might somewhat disappoint if you don't account for it beforehand.

    And what better way to deal with hard choices than the infamous trial-and-error method! Knowing that our clients want only the best experience there is for their main event, we came up with handy all-in-one packages - caviar samplers that will make sure all your important guests know what type of caviar they prefer weeks before the party starts.

    “Caviar Sampler”

    Sampler contents:

    • “River Beluga” Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • “Traditional Russian” Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • Alaskan Salmon Roe, 4oz

    This sampler is a combination of three of our most popular caviars. You get to compare two rather different types of caviar: Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar with larger egg size and Siberian Sturgeon Caviar with more robust intensity in flavor. American-produced Alaskan Salmon Roe won't disappoint either with its light, fresh, and rich taste profile.

    “Caviar Super Sampler”

    Super Sampler contents:

    • “River Beluga” Kaluga Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • “Traditional Russian” Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • Royal White Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • “Caspian Almas” Albino Sturgeon Caviar, 2oz

    • Alaskan Salmon Roe, 4oz

    In addition to what Caviar Sampler package provides, there is also the following items included: Royal White Sturgeon Caviar, which compared to previous two caviars possesses rich and nutty bite to it and Albino Sturgeon Caviar which in contrast to Siberian Sturgeon Caviar provides more powerful flavor and egg pop. Alaskan Salmon Roe in this package has double the amount as we're sure you'll be inviting many people over for them not to miss such a surprising degustation!

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    Custom Sampler

    We always listen to our clients' suggestions, and caviar sampler sets are not an exception. Choose your own types of caviar for your personal sample and as long as they are all 2oz (4oz for Salmon roe), you'll get a discount in caviar sampler cost compared to how much it is worth to buy them separately!

    Also, if you're not sure about your choice, contact us on social media or drop us an email to get all your questions answered. We provide thorough guidance and recommendations based on personal factors such as taste liking, wine pairings, the type of occasion itself, food that will be available on the table, and many more.

    Let us become your guide in the world of exquisite taste of caviar, one of the most looked-for delicacies in the world. Here in Skazka Caviar we believe in growing a family-like community of like-minded people who value above all an unfailing attention to detail when it comes to taste.

    About the Author

    How to eat caviar like a professiona Igor Fishbeyn - Caviar Purveyor

    Igor Fishbeyn is purveyor of fine sturgeon caviar and creator of the Skazka Caviar brand. He is an expert with decades of experience specializing in importing, wholesaling, and retailing the finest quality caviar in the world. Igor frequently writes about caviar news and various topics about the caviar industry. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

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