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    Paddlefish Caviar at a glance

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    4 minute read

    Paddlefish caviar

    When thinking about having a fancy party, people often consider getting great wine, salads, steak or exquisite fruit. But what if you could step up your game while not getting bankrupt at the same time? Read on.

    Paddlefish Caviar at a glance

    It originates from sturgeon-like fish Polyodon Spathula, also called Paddlefish or Spoonbill caught in fresh water in nature - a fish whose natural biome is located in the USA in the vicinity of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Montana and Tennessee. It’s widely popular among novice connoisseurs for its buttery yet somewhat earthy and direct flavor.

    Thanks to its slightly more affordable price tag it is a compelling alternative to Beluga or Kaluga caviar. With a little smaller silvery-gray eggs Paddlefish caviar is also very close to Sevruga in taste.

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    What is Paddlefish caviar?

    When describing Paddlefish caviar, one has to mention that it's not strictly speaking a sturgeon species, rather than a close relative. Certain specimens can get up to 200 lbs in weight and have length of 10 ft. It takes approximately 15 years for fish to mature and be ready to produce caviar, making it a rather special product.

    No excessive salt is present in our Paddlefish caviar, as we make sure to strictly follow the traditional "malossol" method of caviar preservation - it goes back in centuries. A small amount of salt is added during the cleaning and separation phase, no more than 3% of salinity in the final dish. This way caviar is perfectly preserved yet retains maximum of its original taste.

    Flavor Profile

    As for flavor profile, Paddlefish caviar is often compared to the most luxurious types of caviar such as Beluga. Although texture-wise it's not as crispy as Sevruga caviar for example, having a slightly smoky and buttery feel to it, this caviar promotes softness and tenderness among its earthy notes.

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    Food pairings

    As always, our top recommendations would be French Blinis and unsalted crackers with Creme Fraiche, although dry champagne would be another solid choice for pairing. Take a spoonful of Paddlefish caviar and complement it with a sip of Dom Perignon and you'll definitely heighten the experience. Another great drink to add is crisp white wine like Sauvignon Blanc that greatly enriches the soft nutty flavor of Paddlefish caviar.

    What makes Paddlefish caviar special?

    Sometimes you just can't put a price on something unique and exotic, however looking at a bigger market one can definitely find similar products. Try comparing it with Siberian Sturgeon Caviar which is quite similar in the intensity of flavor, texture quality and beads size.

    But what makes it truly special - is definitely the price tag. Although caviar prices in general go up and down from time to time, Paddlefish caviar cost is definitely a winner for your pocket when it comes to buying in large batches.

    All in all, Paddlefish caviar is one of the best caviars there is - your attendees won't be disappointed. However, if you're unsure what type of caviar you and your guests would prefer, order a Sampler from us that contains several types of caviar and trust your taste buds to make the right choice for you! Contact us for custom samplers as well!

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    How to eat caviar like a professiona Igor Fishbeyn - Caviar Purveyor

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