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    How nutritious is Salmon roe?

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    7 minute read

    Salmon roe

    When it comes to having a snack as an addition to a great meal, Salmon roe is hands-down one of the most popular items of choice. It captures all of the right attributes of a great appetizer - freshness that comes with pop of each egg, saltiness and tenderness at the same time, and soft pleasant texture of a bead shell that adds to the overall uniqueness of this dish. The only question remains - how to get the most quality off of your purchase? Let's dig deeper.

    How nutritious is Salmon roe?

    Salmon roe is the eggs of fish of the salmon family, or as they are called by the people - red fish. It is considered a valuable food product because it contains a large number of useful components: mineral salts (iodine, calcium, phosphorus), folic acid, vitamins A, B, D and E, lecithin and easily digestible proteins. The nutritional composition of red caviar is of high quality, because it does not contain any harmful fats or carbohydrates.

    Salmon roe contains a wide range of health benefits, among them: 

    • improves blood circulation in the body, prevents heart disease and vascular problems, as well as the formation of blood clots

    • strengthens the bones

    • contributes to improvement of vision and strengthens immunity

    • Salmon roe is recommended for the prevention of atherosclerosis

    • Hemoglobin deficiency is compensated by the use of Salmon roe

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    Types of Salmon roe

    Let's start with trout roe, the smallest member of the salmon family. Trout eggs are quite small, only 2-3 mm in diameter. Trout eggs have a bright orange color and a rather thick and elastic shell. They are quite sticky and have a very pleasant taste.

    Next in size is the caviar of the sockeye salmon. Its roe is slightly larger than that of the trout and the diameter of its eggs is 4 mm. The beads of the sockeye salmon stand out with their bright red color, soft shell and a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.

    Coho salmon roe eggs are the same size as sockeyes’, but its beautiful burgundy color cannot be confused with any other. The red roe of coho salmon has a bitter taste, but less pronounced than that of sockeye salmon. It is considered the rarest and certainly the most useful type of caviar. In the rating of the usefulness of salmon caviar, coho salmon caviar ranks first because of its essential vitamin composition and richness in vitamin D. Red coho salmon caviar is recommended for use by the elderly, children and people with weakened immune system.

    The most popular type of caviar is pink salmon roe. The pink salmon population is the largest among all the representatives of the salmon family. Its taste qualities are considered universal and enjoyed by all without exception. The red roe of pink salmon is quite large, 5 mm in diameter, has a light orange color and a delicate shell.

    And the last, and at the same time the most beautiful red caviar - chum salmon roe. Since ancient times, the caviar of chum salmon has been called royal, due to its appearance - bright amber color, eggs of ideal spherical shape, impressive size - 6 mm in diameter. The taste of chum red caviar is considered to be the most delicate.

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    Real or fake?

    How can one tell the difference between real and fake caviar? The easiest way is to throw a couple of eggs in boiling water. The fake ones will immediately dissolve, but the real ones will stay intact. However, this method is not very practical considering Salmon roe cost, because it can be used only after the purchase.

    The main distinguishing characteristics of red caviar are:

    • Crumbly

    • Natural color

    • Presence of a dot (embryo) inside the egg

    • Natural caviar bursts, while artificial caviar is difficult to chew (like rubber)

    Food pairings

    Talking about food that tastes great yet doesn't interfere with roe flavor, good additions to red caviar are:

    • black and white bread, crispy toast, baguettes, galettes

    • salted pastry (tartlets, valovans, crackers, cookies)

    • Blinis & Creme Fraiche

    • foie gras (traditional French dish)

    • butter (a small amount of the product is enough)

    • crèmes (with the addition of greens, cheese, olives, sour cream, salted canned fish, etc.)

    • cottage cheeses

    • boiled eggs (chicken and quail)

    • olives, avocados, fresh and pickled cucumbers

    • salted or smoked red fish

    • baked small potatoes and potato chips

    • boiled rice

    When choosing additional components to the Salmon roe, it is important to choose products that do not have a bright taste, otherwise the delicacy will be lost in the dish, while it should dominate and bring real pleasure. For example, caviar should not be combined with meat, hot spices, sweets and fruits.

    This delicacy can also transform your breakfast, because red caviar sandwiches or soft-boiled eggs decorated with appetizing salty eggs are a very tasty and healthy way to start the day, which will give you a boost of energy and good mood!

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    Alcohol pairings

    Many believe that the best combination with Salmon roe is vodka. The clean, neutral taste of the drink refreshes the receptors and works especially well if the delicacy is served with pancakes and sour cream. Saving on vodka in this case is unacceptable: you must choose a high quality product with a mild, balanced flavor, such as vodka "Onegin". The temperature of the vodka is also incredibly important: the cooler the better!

    Another classic caviar accompaniment is champagne. In this case you should not spend money on expensive vintage wines because caviar should be the main solo in this duet. The best accompaniment for the delicacy is not the fashionable brut nature and zero dosage, but the classic brut with up to 12 g/l residual sugar, such as Lanson Black Label Brut. The fruity and light sweetness of these wines balances out the powerful, salty flavor perfectly, while the trademark Champagne acidity balances out the fat content of the Salmon roe.

    However, limiting oneself to classic combinations is not always interesting. Wines with residual sugar work well with Salmon roe: Moselle Rieslings, such as the 2018 Maximin Grunhaus Riesling Monopol, or Loire Vouvray. For the more adventurous, we recommend trying Salmon roe with Japanese Junmai Daiginjo sake, such as Hakushika Junmai Daiginjo: in this case, it should always be served chilled.

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