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    Kaluga Caviar: The Ultimate Guide

    Igor Fishbeyn Igor Fishbeyn
    8 minute read

    kaluga caviar

    There are 27 different types of caviar on the planet, coming from 27 other sturgeon species. However, if you're looking for the best of the best, you should look no further than Kaluga sturgeon caviar. Since the most exclusive nectar of the Gods, Beluga caviar, is difficult to obtain, Kaluga caviar is undoubtedly the next best caviar you can get. 

    Kaluga eggs are similar to Beluga caviar in both looks and appearance, but also taste. You know, that incredible smooth and buttery taste of the exquisitely large, shiny sturgeon eggs. 

    This article aims to explain why Kaluga caviar is an excellent replacement to Beluga, how much Kaluga caviar costs, and how you can best serve it to enjoy the unrepeatable, sublime taste of the ocean bursting in your mouth.

    Kaluga Caviar at a Glance

    In fact, Kaluga caviar, also known as "River Beluga," is a perfect replacement for critically endangered Beluga sturgeon. This is because the massive, prehistoric fish population has been overfished. Luckily, Kaluga sturgeon works as an ideal replacement for the most exclusive type of caviar on the planet. As a matter of fact, some caviar connoisseurs claim that Kaluga caviar offers an even more unique experience and taste than the famous Beluga sturgeon. 

    For example, there is excellent caviar available to order online from Their Russian Kaluga caviars came from the unique hybrid of Kaluga and Amur Sturgeon and worked as both sustainable and life-enriching caviar choices. As a matter of fact, their caviars are farm-raised and have huge, shiny eggs ranging from dark grey to light green color.

    And the flavor? Oh, it's sublime, to say the least. Blissfully creamy and nutty and with a hint of salt, they have a life-changing taste of ocean bursting in your mouth. But, you will find out more about the exquisite Kaluga caviar taste a bit later.

    The Kaluga Sturgeon Is an Incredibly Unique Fish

    Kaluga, or Huso Dauricus sturgeon, comes from the family of Acipenseridae, from the Amur River basin. It's unique in that it is an enormous fish capable of growing to over 18 feet and weighing 2,205 lbs. Kaluga sturgeon are the largest fish you can find in freshwater. In fact, it's a bit monstrous since its powerful jaws can swallow a whole herring, salmon, and sometimes even a smaller Kaluga family member. 

    However, Kaluga Sturgeon also spends a part of its life in saltwater. An adult female sturgeon can provide as much as 44 pounds of the exquisite culinary delicacy, perfect for the caviar enthusiasts who enjoy the feeling of the firm, large caviar beads on their tongue. 

    But despite the largeness and firmness, Kaluga caviar is specifically unique for its eggs' rich taste. In fact, the taste of Kaluga caviar has some nuances and hues you won't find in any other caviar. The eggs are predominantly green, but they also come in dark brown or grey green.

    Kaluga Caviar Is Hard to Obtain

    Kaluga sturgeon is one of the most established caviar providers on the planet. But unfortunately, since it is incredibly desirable, poachers are still after the fish, blatantly ignoring protection laws. 

    Also, since Kalugas take more than seven years to produce caviar, they are more endangered. Therefore, just like with Beluga, there are restrictions to the trade of Kaluga caviar. However, thanks to new technologies and sustainable agriculture, there are now guilt-free caviar solutions for anyone looking for the real deal taste.

    How Much Does Caviar Kaluga Cost?

    Due to overfishing and incredibly high demand, the Kaluga is one of the most popular and sought-after caviars. However, taste, size, and texture are the best value for money. 

    "River Beluga" Sturgeon caviar 

    2oz: $285, 4oz: $450, 6oz: $695, 8oz: $1,195

    Popular Black Caviar Similar To Kaluga Caviar

    Russian Osetra Caviar

    2oz: $295, 4oz: $475, 6oz: $695, 8oz: $1,195

    Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

    2oz: $285, 4oz: $450, 6oz: $695, 8oz: $1,195

    Popular Red Caviar/Roe

    Alaskan "Royal King" Salmon Roe/Caviar

    8oz: $295, 16oz: $495

    American Rainbow Trout Roe/Caviar

    8oz: $195, 16oz: $295

    Smoked Rainbow Trout Roe/Caviar

    8oz: $245, 16oz: $295

    However, keep in mind there are several essential differences between caviar and roe, and you can find all about them on this comprehensive caviar blog. Learn about the difference between caviar and roe.

    Fortunately, you can now get to the best type of caviar from the comfort of your home. Visit the Skazka Caviar online store and pick from the selection of Kaluga, or even some excellent replacements such as Siberian sturgeon caviar, Russian Osetra, as well as red caviar from salmon and trout.

    Caviar Kaluga Flavor Profile

    In essence, Kaluga caviar has a robust, buttery, and earthly taste with just a subtle hint of ocean salt bursting in your mouth. 

    People adore this caviar because of its massive, pearl-like eggs of firm texture. Thus, the famous caviar pop happens once they roll on your tongue. The size and texture make Kaluga caviar so unique, and the fact they don't have that fishy taste.

    Instead, this rich in taste caviar has minimal salt. Kaluga is the best caviar you can find in the "malossol" style, an ancient salting technique. Hence, the taste of Kaluga caviar is bold, nutty, and buttery with just a hint of sweet brininess. A soul-enriching creamy indulgence!

    Caviar Kaluga Food Pairings

    Since Kaluga caviar is a uniquely delicate treat, like Beluga caviar, it's best enjoyed by itself, savoring each and every bite. However, this caviar is also fantastic when served on dry toast, unsalted crackers, bread, as well as sour cream, lemon wedges, foie gras, chives, onion, crème Fraiche, or French blinis

    The latter is one of the classic caviar food pairings that adds extra punch to the taste of Kaluga caviar. Caviar is fantastic and can even go with potatoes, pasta, or polenta. However, keep in mind that its saltiness goes best with buttery dishes. 

    And most importantly, the hands-down best way to serve Kaluga caviar is with a Mother of Pearl spoon since metal utensils can severely affect caviar taste.

    The most popular drinks to go with caviar are Champagne and Vodka regarding alcohol.

    How to Serve Caviar Kaluga

    You should serve Kaluga caviar crispy chilled and be really careful when getting the eggs out from the tin. You can learn how to do that here. Traditionally, caviar is served on a chilled plate or ice. Learn how to serve caviar like a professional.

    Depending on the size of the party, you should be careful when portioning. In small bites made like appetizers, a typical serving size is from half to one ounce per person. This also encourages portion control with those who aren't precisely knowledgeable. Thus, it's wise to explain the caviar eating protocol.

    If you want every guest to enjoy the full taste of Kaluga caviar, you should prepare two to three ounces for each. But that also depends on the number of side dishes and garnishing you prepare.

    How Much Caviar Beluga to Buy?

    It's always wiser to get a bit extra to avoid unpleasantries. So, if you're having six people over, you should get a minimum of 8 ounces of caviar. Skazka Caviar has 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz packages, so you're all set size wise. 

    Pick up some blinis and crème fraîche, or indulge in the best caviar on the planet with Mother of Pearl caviar spoons. 

    Pro tip: If you are trying Kaluga caviar for the first time, we recommend trying it solo before adding other side-dishes or garnishing. 


    Whether you're making a caviar party or just indulging yourself, you cannot go wrong with Kaluga caviar. There are not many specialty foods that deserve that kind of pricing. However, Kaluga caviar is definitely worth every dime you spend on it.

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